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Shalom Shalom Cowan Colts! I am Mrs. Sharmeka Taylor, the Creative Counselor for Cowan Road Elementary School. I’m originally from Philadelphia, and I have worked in elementary school for over 20 years. It truly has been a pleasure serving the students, staff and parents of this wonderful community. As an advocate for children’s voice and positive experiences, I have collaborated with many resources and follow the American School Counseling Association National Model to deliver engaging lessons and sessions to support scholars' academic, social, emotional, and career goals. My motto for a fantastic school day is “ Every day is a new adventure, and you get to choose how it’s gonna go!”. Whether I’m working with the scholars in an individual group counseling session, a small group, or in an entire class, I have been able to incorporate many strategies to help them be productive citizens and successful members of the community. When I’m not in the school building, I love spending time in my garden, or enjoying the perks of a small farmstead. I love crafting and creating “Something from Nothing”. I’m excited to serve Cowan Road Elementary in the capacity of school counselor!

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